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Heritage of India is proud to showcase the beautiful Natya range of wall art. These authentic pieces highlight traditional Indian dancing in all its splendor. This particular image we have the dancer in a authentic pose wearing a traditional sari, both alluring and captivating the Natya wall art is stimulating and inspiring whilst capturing the essence of India in all its glory. This image is available in an assortment of frame styles.
About the pieces:
I photographed Shrimati Susanna at her dance studio at her home in the UK.  She studied Bharata Natyam for many years and is a dance teacher. I came across her performing some years before and approached her later to use as a model. My practice typically uses deaf models signing or performing sign dance, however I realised that the hand gestures or mudras of Bharata Natyam relate very much to sign language with their symbolic meanings. For the back grounds I looked for out of copyright photographs of India.  I borrowed a book from the library of photographs by a 19th century photographer – I think it was Raja Deendayal. Natya Usha – uses a long distance shot of the Taj Mahal, Agra, Natya Varana uses a shot of the Taj Mahal  taken from the opposite bank of the river Yamuna. Natya Leena’s background is of a temple. Natya Sandhya is of the famous wooden bridge in Kashmir.
The prints were named with Indian girls names for their meaning.
Usha – meaning dawn
Sandhya – meaning evening
Varana – meaning river
Leena – meaning strength

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